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A R T I S T  B I O

     My name is Hershel Brewer and my passion is creating unusual thought-provoking artwork. As a child, art has always captivated my interest and shaped the way I viewed the world around me. My mother was always worried about the monsters that I would draw, but the school told her not to worry because at least the monsters were always smiling. Growing up I was self-taught until I took a shading class in 10th-grade that impacted me immensely.


     Through the years I have developed a Surrealistic approach to Sci-Fi/Fantasy art. A majority of my work incorporates role reversals for humans, animals, and aliens.  A common question I get is "Where on earth do you come up with these ideas?" Most of the time I couldn’t even tell you. I'd like to think my background in animal control and teaching have definitely inspired a few of my paintings. At the end of the day creating art that will make someone smile, laugh, reflect on the art or even stop for a moment and wonder “What the heck did I just see?”, makes me feel as if I have fulfilled my passion and purpose.


I just wanted to invite you into my world, hope you enjoy!

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